Abbortsford Rose - the first rose of this kind I have purchased . Now I have two of them.
Abbortsford Rose – the first rose of this kind I have purchased . Now I have two of them.

Here are some websites you might like to visit:

  1. If you like the highest quality essential oil and other natural supplements, as well as environmentally friendly cosmetics, perfumes,  cleaning and personal care products, including products for children and pets, please visit my Plant Life Essence website:
  2. National Gardening Association at:
    This is a great place to check if you are looking for a specific information about various plants. For example I find it invaluable when searching for information about roses and their alternative names. You can also find there people who are actually growing them.
  3. Gardening Know How – very good website with lots of information about taking care of perennials, houseplants, lawn care, possible problems and solution and much more. Check it out here:
    You can subscribe to receive their gardening tips straight to your mailbox, although I wish they would send it not more often than once a week since it is hard to keep up with daily emails containing many articles.
  4. The Old Farmer’s
    I particularly like their videos about gardening, which they are sending occasionally – I provide a link below – the videos are mostly about growing vegetables. They also have a program, which allows you to plant your garden (it is not free, but very affordable). You can also receive free planting reminders. Make sure you properly enter your area specification, so reminders will be relevant to your growing zone and location.
  5. Grow-Veg on You Tube – videos about gardening – mostly about growing edible plants. You will be receiving links when you subsribe to Old Farmer’s Almanac, but I guess you can just subscribe to this channel to receive updates. It is here.
  6.  Growing Your Greens – You Tube channel – it is a great place to learn a lot about organic gardening and growing your own vegetables and other edible plants. This guy know what he is doing and is so passionate. You will find many interesting videos there.
  7. Organic Consumers Association at:
    Here is a good place to keep posted about growing organic food and how you can stop GMO plant from spreading around the world and destroying the natural seeds and food you eat. They also fight for having GMO foods marked when sold, which so far is usually not the case. Find out more while GMO plants and food are not good for you and the environment.

    That’s all for now. I will be adding more interesting links when I find them. If you know any good gardening related links feel free to recommend them to me. Thank you.