Visiting Niagara's Botanical garden - here I am beside Dorothy Perkins rose.
Visiting Niagara’s Botanical garden – here I am beside Dorothy Perkins rose.

What Is this Blog About.

Thank you for vising my Vibrant Garden blog. I have just started it in the late fall of 2016 and I plan to post here for now about once per week during the colder months of the year and less frequently, as time allows me, in the Spring and Summer. During the warmer part of the year I might be too busy working in the garden or away traveling to post weekly.  This is not a typical gardening blog since besides gardening and garden design,  I will be also writing here about the most beautiful and interesting gardens I have visited around the world.

I will be also telling you about my own garden and how I have started it from scratch. In the future, I might be  interviewing other gardeners we can all learn from. I will write about favorite, or particularly, interesting plants I have discovered, as well as how to grow organic vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs.  Occasionally I will be also discussing essential oils blends and related subject. Later I plan adding information about herbal cosmetic and cooking recipes.

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Why I Started Gardening and My Goals as a Gardener.

I am pretty new to gardening, but I am very passionate about it. I got my first garden only in the beginning of 2015 and all what was there was grass, lots of weeds and some daylilies. The winter of 2014/2015 was one of the hardest winters on records where I live (Greater Toronto Area). Our garden is in a growing zone 5b.  Once the snow has finally melted, I have started on a journey to turn this pretty long, but narrow piece of land behind our house into a beautiful and productive garden, with some help from my husband.

My main goal is to make our garden as beautiful as possible by adding a variety of flowering plants (including many roses) and other greenery , which enhance the design. As our budget allows, I am also occasionally adding some other decorative elements, like classic vases, sculptures etc.

My second main goal is to grow here as many organic, healthy vegetables, herbs and berries as possible. So far I was able to grow a lot of tomatos, kale, some beans, salads and a few other kind of vegetables, as well as many herbs, some raspberries and blueberries.

Sometimes it is challenging to combine these two goals, since our garden space is limited and beside sunny areas, we have some shade from nearby trees and fences, but I am trying to do my best. I  am learning about gardening as much as I can and I will be sharing my experiences here.  I hope it will help you with your gardening, if you have similar goals.

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