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Five Best Flowering Plants in Our Garden – Add More Colour to Your Garden.

While in the middle of Spring, when more new flowers are coming every day, I am also thinking about flowers that performed best in our garden last year.

I had several flowers and flowering bushes blooming for many months and here are 5 selected plants I would like to present to you, so you can consider adding them to your garden as well.

Here they are:

Guara Flower.

Guara flower in our garden. I was blooming all summer long till frost.
Guara flower in our garden. I was blooming all summer long till frost.

I bought it when it was already blooming, sometimes in the beginning of summer and it continued to bloom till frost. This variety has beautiful, delicate medium size pink-white flowers which looked a little bit like butterflies. Perhaps I will write a separate blog post about this plant since I think it deserves it. Unfortunately, it looks like it didn’t survive our winter, even it if was supposed to be a perennial in our Zone 5.  I think I will purchase it again when available.

2.  Flowering Geranium – Annual in our zone.

Flowering Burgundy Geranium.
Flowering Burgundy Geranium.

I am not sure what was the exact name of this beautiful flowing geranium, but it had big maroon-pink flowers and a bit scented leaves. They also have other varieties with different colour flowers.  I have picked it up from my favorite local Vandermeer Nursery for just a few dollars and it was already pretty big and blooming. I have planted it in our garden in semi-shade (could be in full sun as well) and it was blooming for at least a month. I have then cut back the flowers and after a month or so, it was blooming again for a while.

I didn’t want to lose this plant, so I dug it up and and planted in a light soil in a pot, then brought it back home for winter. It has survived, even if glowing a bit leggy.  It has even multiplied and I was already able to plant tree of them in my garden. I have to cut some branches, which have grown too long and I hope they will make roots, so I can plant even more of them in our garden.  I think, if you have some space to overwinter this plant where you have good light and frost free space, it is worth it. Otherwise you can just buy a new one next year. As many other geraniums, tese are easy-going plants and the one I had was not bothered by any insects or disease.

3. Scaevola.

Scaevola growing in front of our house. Annual flower in our climate.
Scaevola growing in front of our house. Annual flower in our climate.


This beautiful, small, lavender colour flower was blooming all summer long. It is native to Australia. I have bought it as just a small plant and it has become much wider spread during the summer and in the fall.  It was growing in front of our house, where it was only getting a few hours of sun in the morning (the house is facing East). Nevertheless, it was growing very well without any problems. It was planted in front of our new Summer Struck Hydrangea and beside one of our small roses. I have just added a little fertilizer once or twice during the growing season and it was blooming all the time and had no insect or disease. I knew it is an annual in our growing zone, but I was hoping maybe it will still survive the winter when I cover it up along with my Hydrangea. Unfortunately is looks like it didn’t survive, despite the fact that this winter was pretty mild. Maybe the freezing rain we had here killed it. Since scaevola was performing so well in our garden and costs just a few dollars, I think I will buy it again.

4. Table Mountain – Ice Plant.

Table Mountain - Ice Plant growing in our garden, 2016.
Table Mountain – Ice Plant growing in our garden, 2016.

I have also purchased this plant last year when it was growing in a few inches pot (around 5″), but it has multiplied several times over the growing period.

I have planted it in the middle of our garden where it was receiving full sun and I fertilized it once or twice. It had very nice pink-magenta coloured flowers which were opening during the day and closing at night. It was blooming all the time and spreading pretty fast, but only on the surface, growing shallow roots. This is succulent plant which is pretty resistant to sun and lack of water.  It was supposed to be perennial in our Zone 5, but it looks like it also died during the winter. Too bad since I could have easily preserved it at home and restart it from cutting.  Still I think, because it has preformed so well in our garden, it is worth keeping, especially if your have a sunny garden and would like to add some bright colour to your design.

5.Abbotsford Rose.

Abbotsford rose in our garden, 2016.
Abbotsford rose in our garden, 2016.

This is one of the best performing roses in our garden. It is only 2-3 feet tall, has beautiful small flowers in shaded from white to lavender. It is already growing the 3rd year in our garden from the East side, so it only received some good light in the morning. Nevertheless this rose blooms all the time during the growing period from the early summer to frost and even a few weeks longer. So far it is only occasionally bothered by some small insects and seems pretty easy going. I fertilize it 3-4 times during growing period with rose fertilizer.

I highly recommend this rose and it is best to grow it in front of your flower border, perhaps in front of other roses or beside hydrangeas. It seems to do very well even with semi shade and it would be also great for a small garden.

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