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Bundle up and Relax While Your Garden Sleeps. My Favorite Essential Oils to Use During the Winter.

Creative Ways for a Gardener to Survive the Winter Blues.

A view from my window on my snow-covered and deeply asleep garden.
A view from my window on our snow-covered and deeply asleep garden. Winter 2016 – December.

Winter can be a hard time for people who love gardening and live in colder climate. We are often stuck at home and can just admire our garden from the comfort of our home, especially when is is very cold and snowy outside.

I like to look at my garden deeply asleep under a fresh cover of snow. It is not only the time to relax and regenerate for our plants, but for us as well. Instead of getting depressed and complaining about cold, why not use this time to regenerate as well and go deep into our soul and dreams.

My garden covered in snow.
Our garden covered in snow, December 2016.

It is also a very good time to plan what we would like our garden to look like in the upcoming new year.  Now one should think about ordering new plant catalogues, seeds, making drawings of our garden design and thinking about changes we would like to make. I will write a separate post about companies I have ordered my seeds from in the past and why I have selected them.

During this time I also like to go through some of my favorite gardening books and website to choose some new plants for my garden and to learn more about gardening. I will also write a separate post about some of my favorite books I like to look through when deciding which plants to introduce to my garden.

My Favorite Essential Oils to Use During the Winter.

Frankincense Essential Oils from Young Living
Frankincense Essential Oils from Young Living, one of my favorite.

I find that some essential oils made from a variety of plants can be very helpful in getting me in the more relaxed, happy or meditative-dream mood during this colder part of the year. Winter is one of the best times to use high quality real essential oils when the fresh plants from our garden are usually no longer available. For my essential oils,  I usually rely on Young Living since I know they produce some of the highest quality therapeutic grade oils. I am very careful to avoid lower quality essential oils, which can often contain synthetic additives and because of that will not produce the same results. In facts such adulterated essential oils could be harmful.

The Orange essential oil from Young Living.
Orange essential oil from Young Living – my “happy oil”.

One of my favorite Young Living essential oils to use during winter is their Frankincense. It smells so beautiful and it helps me to relax and to get me into more meditative, creative mood. It also has many other uses, which I will not describe here.

The other Young Living essential oils, which I particularly like to use during colder part of the year is Orange essential oil. It smells so beautiful like freshly cut orange peel. When I add some of it to my ultrasonic diffuser, it is also very relaxing, mood uplifting and it reminds me of Christmas, as well as makes me think of my travels to Italy and other Mediterranean countries. If I will have to choose one “happy oil” it would be it.


Thieves essential oils blend from Young Living.
Thieves essential oils blend from Young Living.

The third essential oil from Young Living, which I find very helpful during colder months is their Thieves essential oil. Young Living was inspired to create this blend by the legendary French thieves’ recipe created during 15th century plague.  Young Living blend contains several very powerful essential oils: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary. It is very strong and aromatic combination with a rich, spicy aroma, which I like to diffuse in my home during cold and flue season, or I just place a few drops on a tissue and inhale. Thieves essential oil is one of Young Living’s most popular products and they have the whole line containing this oil.

To find out more about Young Living essential oils and how you can try some of them yourself, please visit my Plant Life Essence website.

What Are Your Favorite Thing to Do During the Winter as a Gardener?

What do you like to do during the winter to help you survive short days, cold, usually less time spend with nature and the separation from your garden?  How do you prepare for the next gardening season?

In regards to essential oils, do you like using any special oils during this time and why? How do you like to use them? I would love to hear your comments.

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The Gallery.

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The Copyright.

This article and pictures of my garden are copyrighted by me, Renata Ratajczyk, and can not be used without further permission. Please contact me in you would like to use them in your publications or on your website. Thank you. The photographs or essential oils are copyrighted by Young Living Essential Oil.

Would You Like to Try Some of Young Living Essential Oils?

For more information please visit my Plant Life Essence website.

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