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Vandermeer – Our Local Nursery – Beautiful Christmas Decorations and More.

The inside of Vandermeer store - getting ready for Christmas 2016.
The inside of Vandermeer store – getting ready for Christmas 2016.

A few weeks ago I have visited one of my favorite local garden centers – Vadermeer Nursery in Ajax (Greater Toronto Area, Durham region).  They were getting ready for Christmas and already had a lot of Christmas decor and beautifully dressed Christmas trees. Obviously some people working there do a very good job at arranging decoration.  I am often impressed how well styled their store is.

When I was there in November they still had some remaining perennial and annual plants outside in their yard and they were selling them at a very good price. By now I am sure all these plants are gone and replaced by Christmas trees and other festive decor.

On their website at: while I am writing this post on December 14th, they advertise holiday decor, gift baskets and freshly cut Christmas trees starting from $19,99.

Poinsettias at the Vandermeer store.
Poinsettias waiting to be picked up by customers as Christmas decor – Vandermeer Nursery 2016

While recently visiting them I have also seen plenty of beautiful poinsettias of various size and colours and many original looking Christmas decorative baskets with numerous plants.

I was also impressed by a beautiful arrangement of little and bigger fairies on a decorative metal wheel. They have almost looked alive and full of joy, as you can see in one of the attached pictures.

Fairies on the wheel, Vandermeer Nursery, Durham region, Ontario.
Fairies on the wheel, Vandermeer Nursery, Durham region, Ontario.

In fact Vandermeer usually offers for sale small and bigger fairy houses, which could be used as original garden or house decor.

I have also found there pretty big selection of blooming orchids and many of them looking quite unique and hard to get in other garden stores I occasionally visit.

Vandermeer also has numerous decorative pots, sculptures and other garden decor, as well as many other garden supplies which could make a perfect gift for some gardeners.

Beside gardening and Christmas related items they also carry, as always, a huge selection of beautiful, and very well cared for, tropical plants.

One of the reasons I like visiting Vandermeer store is that this nursery always looks beautiful and they have so much interesting and very well arranged decor. Also their plants are very well maintained and prices are usually good compering to some other nurseries.

Fairy under Christmas tree, Vandermeer Nursery, Durham region, Ontario.
Fairy under Christmas tree, Vandermeer Nursery, Durham region, Ontario.

I must add that I am not affiliated in any way with them and have no business in promoting their store.

As far as I know this is the only location they have at the moment and I am glad they are not too far from me.  I strongly recommend this amazing plant nursery to you if you like gardening or are looking for some unique plants, garden related gifts, or garden and Christmas decor.

During the warmer part of the year they also have quite impressive selection  of roses and they  really take a very good care of them. They have extraordinary huge variety of perennials and annual plants, as well as many shrubs and some trees,  and all of them very well arranged. In the past I have bought there most of my roses and numerous perennials, as well as some young vegetable plants and a few herbs. Many plants, including roses, carry warranties,  but check with the store when purchasing them, since it may vary depending on the plant and the time of the year you purchase them.

The Copyright Info.

All images and the article are copyrighted by me, Renata Ratajczyk and can not be used without further permission. If you are interested in using any of them for your publications or on websites, please contact me. Thank you.

Christmas tree dressed in red, Vandermeer Nursery.
Christmas tree dressed in red, Vandermeer Nursery, 2016.

The Gallery.

In the gallery below you will be able to see all pictures used in this article and some more. They are often displayed at a bigger size. I am sorry they are not the best quality, but I have just taken them with my phone on a quite overcast day. I hope they still look good enough to show you the inside of Vandermeer store when I have visited them in November 2016.

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